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Greenbox is a mobile, self-storage unit which we deliver to you in a purpose-made, New Zealand designed vehicle (actually, it’s a forklift which is road registered and can do 100 miles per hour!).

This means we can manoeuvre the Greenbox in to a convenient position, close to your home or office, for easy and secure loading and unloading by you and/or your team or family members. Most times we can get the Greenbox right up to your house or in the carport for increased security and less walking – no need to leave on the roadside.

All you need to do is order a Greenbox and we will do our best to deliver exactly the same day! Then, you can take as long as you like to load your Greenbox, or we can help load it for you.

Just call 0800 2 GREEN or complete the booking form on this website.


We looked around at the limited, portable storage options and thought to ourselves: “There must be a better way of portable storage - surely people should not have to walk so far carrying heavy boxes and furniture.  And it doesn’t seem safe to have a trailer wide open and on the roadside day and night while people huff and puff their goods up and down their driveway from their house. And why are people only given 24hrs hours to load the trailer? There has to be a more efficient way of portable storage”.

Then, boom – it came to us – let’s make a fork hoist that can drive on the road and manoeuvre a water-tight storage box all the way up the drive to where it is safe and needed, conveniently located where customers don’t have to walk so far. Then we will leave the whole box there for as long as they want to load it. Surely that can’t be too hard?

Well it seemed easy at the time – and, to be honest, it has been a long process to get us here. We had to design it from scratch and then make modifications so NZ Transport was happy to certify our creation for the road. It took a few refinements along the way and a few, selected and credible Certifying Engineers who understood our vision - and we got there.

There is nothing else like this on the road – our unique innovation has so many convenient uses…simply because it is essentially a fork hoist that is road registered and can do 100mph.


CALL US ANY TIME ON 0800 2 GREEN OR SIMPLY EMAIL US info@greenbox.co.nz