Decluttering Services Auckland

Decluttering Services Auckland

Decluttering is the process of reclaiming the space in your house from years of collecting and storing


Need help decluttering?

Not only can Greenbox provide storage we can also assist with the decluttering process – give us a call 0800 2 GREEN 

Tips before you Sell

When looking for a new house, buyers are often looking for size and space. The more perceived space you’re able to create, whether it is living or storage space, the greater chance of selling at a premium price. This is often easier said than done because we all feel cosy in our own space with our comfy things around us. But often other people will see these rooms as having too much furniture and clutter. They may just see things overflowing into every nook and cranny. The key is to create lots of space for walking – and sometimes less for living. It might not seem practical – but remember this is for selling, not living and perception is everything.

Don’t expect the buyers to ignore all this and imagine your house in its clutter-free state. Buyers sometimes see dozens of houses in one day and their brains are on overload. Declutter so the buyers can see your house, not your mess.



A few easy steps to declutter:

Start Packing Today: Start early – do a couple of boxes a day. You are going to have to pack up anyway so start now and make the removal easy once you have sold. Make sure you label the boxes so you know where they should go in your new house.

Use good quality boxes so when they are stacked up on top of each other they don’t crush. For your plates, glasses, ornaments, glass photos etc – use the strongest boxes. Professionals use double thickness boxes called Tea Chests or Dish Packs

Excess: Pack excessive clothing, toys, linen, books, shoes and off-season items. If you’re selling your house in the summer then store all your winter wear and sporting gear in your Greenbox.

Box infrequently used items: You need to learn to live on bare necessities while selling your house. Do you really need five jackets and two kitchen mixers? If you don’t use it often – store it for the future.

De–personalise your house: Take down all the kids paintings and pictures from the walls. Replace the wall pictures with a few pieces of tasteful art that is neutral.

 If you do nothing else to improve the value of your house, at least do these few things. These are simple tips that cost you nothing to do – decluttering your house is free (it just takes time and elbow grease) yet a lot of sellers don’t put enough effort into it!

To re-iterate this important point: buyers buy space when looking for real estate.

Off-site storage is best. Greenbox is perfect because it is offsite storage that is economical and comes to you. You can easily load in your own time the things you love, but may not help sell your house. After you have sold your Greenbox can then be delivered to your new home whenever you like, it’s that easy.





If you need decluttering help from a pro, we recommend Minimalisa.

The secret to living clutter-free is simple.

They do closets, bedrooms, kitchens, garages, offices, or any other space you need help with. No job is too big or small and they believe that anyone can get their “stuff” together. Rest assured that they operate under a strict judgment-free zone.