5 Solutions for a Stress-Free Home Renovation

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5 Solutions for a Stress-Free Home Renovation

Whatever your renovation situation, whether you are completely doing-over an old property or just tackling that long needed kitchen extension, renovation work can easily become a headache. The key to a successful renovation is to get yourself organised both before and during the process. We have come up with 5 stress-free solutions to help your renovation run along smoothly and tackle all those little problems that often delay the renovation process.

1. Sort out your living arrangements in advance

Before any work gets started, make sure you know where you will be sleeping! In large scale renovations, it is easy to kid yourself into believing that you will be fine sleeping in that half-finished un-heated room at the back of the building. However once the cold evenings set in and the unexpected happens (as it always does; not another burst water pipe!) you will regret not having a warm and comfortable place to sleep. Things will go much more smoothly if you have a sleeping arrangement that lets you escape from your renovation at the end of the day and helps you to wake up fresh in the morning. We promise you, it’s a guaranteed sanity saver!

2. Set up a temporary kitchen

As the old saying goes, ‘an army runs on it’s stomach’! After a good night’s sleep, in our eyes the second biggest organisation concern during a renovation is having a decent place to feed your own army of renovators, from your dad to the workmen. Ideally a kitchen like this would be accessible but out of the way of the construction work. Make sure you have a fridge and a microwave oven and you can cook up a plate of decent grub in even the most basic of kitchens! Take a look here for some essential temporary kitchen considerations.

3. Protect your property from dust

Okay, this is a slightly tricky one as dust notoriously gets in to all the most unlikely of places. However, along with learning to love the pesky dust, there are few simple tricks that can help you dust-proof your home to the best of your ability.

  • Cover up large items of furniture with dust sheets as much as possible

  • Take down soft furnishings such as curtains for the duration of the renovation.

  • De-clutter surfaces and pack small items away (they collect dust like crazy!)

  • Put a protective tarp on your floors to save them damage from work-boots and wheel-barrows.

  • Tape up door frames to rooms you don’t want dust escaping from


4. Move your valuables out of the property

No matter what room you are working on (whether it be just one or all of them!) the renovation will almost surely effect your whole house. Dust manages to find it’s way in to the most unlikely of corners and often the items you have removed from the area being renovated end up being stored in other rooms, creating clutter and confusion. In this situation, it is easy for your valuables to become damaged or lost in the mess. We would advise to move anything you particularly want keeping safe out of the property. Whether this is a bespoke piece of furniture, a prized piece of artwork or your grandmother’s jewellery, keep it safe by sending it away!

5. Use portable storage solutions


Portable storage units are the stress-free way in which to store your valuables away from your property. With no worries about clogging up parent’s spare rooms or friend’s garages, hiring your own portable storage container will take a lot of the stress out of your renovation. A top organisation tip by David Gray Designs is to “always label the boxes and place the items that you’re more likely to use near the top to minimize the hassle of having to sort through piles of boxes to find what you’re looking for”.

Here at The Greenbox Co., we are an Auckland  based company that specialises in portable self-storage solutions.

Our eco-friendly green boxes are dropped at your property at a convenient time, filled at your leisure by you or one of our trained professionals and then taken away to be stored for you in our secure facility. If you want more information on how we can provide a stress-free storage solution for your house renovation work, then get in touch with us either online or over the phone to have a look through the options on offer!

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