Portable Storage v Self Storage

Portable Storage v Self Storage

Whether you’re planning that dream home renovation, moving house or just looking to de-clutter it is likely you will need to store some of your belongings during the process. Choosing between portable storage and self storage may have been something you have already considered, and with each offering different benefits over the other it is important that you find the right storage solution for your specific needs. We have looked into the advantages and disadvantages of each to help make this difficult decision that little bit easier.


1. Size

Firstly, it is important to know how much space you’re going to need, a handy guide to help you with this process can be found on this link.

While this seems simple enough we understand that sometimes this can become a never ending list of objects that is constantly changing as a result of the unpredictable nature of whatever project you are taking on. Although many self-storage companies can offer units perfect for those that can anticipate the exact volume of the objects that they will be storing, these solutions do not offer much flexibility should changes need to be made. Whilst many will also offer you the opportunity to transfer to a larger unit or overspill into a second unit, this can come at dramatically increased cost (double the price should you need the use of a second unit) and would be a huge hassle to organise.

In contrast, portable storage is a great solution offering the flexibility that these projects often require. Smaller and more affordable unit sizes mean that multiple can be used if needed. At Greenbox each unit is the ideal size for de-cluttering a normal home and we offer discounts for the use of multiple Greenboxes.


2. Moving your belongings

When undertaking a renovation project or a house move you want things to run as smoothly as possible. While focusing on the logistics of storing your things may not be the highest on your list of priorities, it can be the crucial factor in ensuring a stress-free project.


Self-storage typically requires the transportation of your belongings to the facility, often an inconvenient or expensive task. As long as you have sufficient outdoor space, portable storage offers the option for your unit to be delivered to you saving you the stress of having to find a way to transport your belongings yourself. This also allows you to pack your belongings on site at your own pace (many companies, including Greenbox, also offer the option for your unit to be packed for you by a certified professional).

3. Convenience


An attractive option that portable storage offers you is the convenience of having it pickup from and dropped off to your door-step. With traditional bricks and mortar storage facilities, you can often end up spending time going between the two locations. Even worse, imagine blowing your budget having to pay a moving company for travelling in peak hour traffic!

Always consider travel times and distances between the storage facility and your existing as well as future address.

4. Access


Once your storage unit is all packed it is always useful to have as much access to your belongings as possible. Many self-storage facilities allow this through access hours which can vary with each company and it is important to check these before deciding on where to store your possessions.

Depending on where you choose to put your portable storage unit you will always have complete control over how much access you have to your unit. Whilst it would always be highly convenient to have your belongings stored at your home, our Greenbox storage facility offers increased security and is also accessible anytime you need an item or to check your goods.

5. Greenbox – Auckland’s Portable Storage Specialists


Here at The Greenbox Co., we specialise in portable self-storage solutions in both the long term and short term. Our Auckland wide door-to-door service offers the flexibility you need with the stress-free storage of your valued possessions during renovation works or house moves. Our weather proof, eco-friendly green boxes can be dropped at your property at a convenient time, filled at your leisure by you or one of our trained professionals and then taken away to be stored for you in our secure facility. If you want more information on how we can provide a stress-free storage solution specific to you then get in touch with us either online or over the phone on 0800 247 336 today.

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