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Seven Hacks to De-Clutter Your Home

It can feel slightly overwhelming when your start on a mission of de-cluttering your home.

Whether you are looking at moving house and want prospective buyers to see the best side of your home, or whether you are just looking to give your home a more peaceful feel, then we have the seven hacks that can help you on your way!

As albert Einstein once said “out of clutter, find simplicity”. We can’t argue with that genius!

1: Get to know your clutter personality type.

Before you begin on your war against clutter, start by getting to know your enemy! If you can work out the reason you hold on to those items that should have been thrown away months ago then it can help you from keeping them in the future. Find out what kind of clutter type you are.

2: Set yourself manageable goals.

Make lists of your ideas to help set manageable goals in your de-cluttering mission. Make a list of the rooms you want to tackle and the order you want to tackle them in. Create categories of stuff your want to sort through such as clothes, kitchen appliances or books. Putting your ideas down on paper can make an impossible task seem a lot more manageable, it’s amazing what a difference it can make to your state of mind!

3: Baskets are your best friend.

Invest in a few trendy baskets that will make your home look super stylish and give you a place to quickly hide all the bits and bobs that are lying around before that all important house viewing, or unexpected house visit by a friend.

4: Paper everywhere? Invest in a shredder.

Even if you have already asked you bank to turn off paper billing, somehow we all seem to receive mail that clogs up that table in the hallway or that corner in the kitchen and gets added to the paper pile of doom to be dealt with that indeterminable time of ‘next week’.

If your ‘next week’ actually turns out to be ‘next month’ or even in some bad cases ‘next year’ then a shredder will be your next best friend! Keep one in a handy place and your junk mail can be shredded on the spot.

5: Use a pegboard wall organiser.

There’s a spot in everybody’s house that collects keys, spare change and those other obscure items that get emptied from your coat pockets at the end of the day.

One way to keep on top of this clutter and feel like an organisation wizard is to invest in a pegboard wall organiser. You can get sheets of pegboard in all shapes and sizes from your local DIY store and you can set up your own pegboard station in almost an endless number of ways to suit your own personal needs. They look super stylish too.

6: De-clutter your wardrobe by sorting through clothing seasonally.

Be ruthless when throwing away clothes. In the summer, try sorting through those winter jumpers that you only wear for a couple of months in the year and get rid of all the ones that are misshapen, have moth holes or that you haven’t worn in over twelve months.

Take all of your clothes out of the wardrobe before you begin, and only out them back if they meet your set conditions. Otherwise, put them in a bag and donate them to a local charity or donation centre; someone else may be really grateful for that jumper that would otherwise have sat unused in your wardrobe for the next 12 months!

7: Get someone else to store your things for you!

If there are things you don’t want to throw away but you need to hide them away for a while; if you are selling your house and want your home to look its minimal best for viewings, then let someone else take care of the storage nightmare for you!

The Green Box Co. offer a hassle-free, door to door service, Auckland wide. They deliver you a weather proof, eco-friendly ‘greenbox’, you fill it with all your clutter (or they can even do it for you – for all of those time pushed house sellers out there) and then they come back, pick it up and store it at their secure storage facility for you!

With both long and short-term storage solutions, give house buyers a chance to see you home, not the mess by storing all your clutter in a Greenbox!