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How big is the Greenbox?

The outside of the box is 2.305 meters high x 2.203 meters long x 1.85 wide. The door is on one of the 1.85m sides.

Internally it will hold 8.24 m3 about enough for 1.5 to 2 average rooms

They are long all tall enough for almost any size item in a house. 3 and 4 seater sofas, Kings size beds - they will all fit, along with your boxes and fridge etc.

Are the Greenboxes waterproof?

Each Greenbox has an extra cover on it, to keep it waterproof when it is outside your home or business or travelling on the road. The box is watertight for a week or so without the extra cover – but the cover provides extra protection. The cover also has a very useful 2.2 m sunshade/weather cover over the door when you unzip the door cover – great protection from the rain or sun while loading or unloading.

Are the boxes vermin proof? 

Our warehouses are vermin proofed by Eco-lab – we have widespread traps which Eco-lab maintain every month.  We cannot account for any vermin which may enter your Greenbox when you load it.

How secure are Greenboxes? 

The Greenbox has provision for you to fit two padlocks. We have locks available for you to purchase or you can use your own padlock if you'd prefer.  While in storage our warehouse is monitored, alarmed and fully secure.

Our unique ability to deliver your Greenbox off the roadside and up your drive, as close as possible to your home or business, means your Greenbox is safer from opportunist thieves while you are loading it too. (not to mention less distance to carry your heavy boxes and furniture)

Where does the box go at my home?

Our unique fork hoist (which is road registered and can do 100mph) can usually place the Greenbox extremely close to your home or business, safe and sound within your driveway. This means no hauling heavy boxes to the roadside and it offers more safety than having to leave a trailer or truck parked on the roadside.

How long can I have the box for? Can I keep it indefinitely?

You are able to keep your Greenbox for as long as you need to load it – no 24 hour restrictions with us. Sometimes selecting what you want to store and packing it all up takes longer than anticipated, so we will place your Greenbox  where you need it and come back to collect it, once you have finished packing. We are just a phone call away. If you want to keep it in your drive the whole time while renovating for example - you can.

What kinds of items can I store in the Greenbox?

You can store all normal household items and personal effects – except the ones that can leak or go bang! Prohibited items: Liquids, explosives, perishables, dangerous or hazardous, flammable, corrosive, Illegal or irreplaceable. Click here for a list. 

How much weight can fit in a greenbox?

The Greenboxes are engineered to hold 3,000kg. But the Greenmachine can only lift a mighty 1,200kg. Any mixture of normal household "stuff" will easily come under 1200kg.

If you keep the Greenbox onsite while doing a quick renovation, you can fill it up with any heavy items.

What happens when I’ve filled it?

Just call us, text us or email us and we will be around as soon as possible to collect it. You can use your own padlock on the Greenbox or you can purchase one from us (link)

Can I get someone to load it for me?

Certainly. We can help you pack all your things and load the Greenbox. Simply contact us and we will get a plan together for you.

Where does it get stored once it’s been filled?

We currently have two sites - one in Auckland and one in Christchurch. Both are fully secure, alarm monitored facilities.

What about insurance?

Goods are stored at “Owner’s Risk” but you can transfer all or a portion of your domestic insurance policy to include our warehouse address. All insurance companies will happily approve our facility into your policy.

While travelling on the road, the Greenbox and it's contents are covered under the Carriers Liability Act as a single consignment.

Why Greenbox over another portable option?

Primarily because of our unique fork hoist which, in most instances, will get the Greenbox closer to where you need it, offering better ease of access and more security. Leaving a box or a trailer on the roadside means you have to carry everything just that much further - this also means it is more secure from theft. We also let you have as long as you like to load and unload.

Is this a New Zealand first?

Yes in terms of our unique fork hoist which has been designed and engineered by us here in New Zealand, for your convenience and added security.

Why have you called it Greenbox?

We are a New Zealand, Carbon Neutral company and very proud to be so. For us the colour green epitomises everything we stand for – a good, honest kiwi company which is fresh, unique and committed to the environment.  Green is the colour of nature and we wanted our boxes to blend with nature whilst offering our customers the attributes of safety, stability and endurance.


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