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What can you fit into a Greenbox?

The answer is - way more than most people think.

Inside these Greenboxes there is a huge 2.18 meters high x 2.175m long x 1.75m wide of usable space.

In Moving terms that is a volume of 8.3m3 (cubic meters) inside.

So that means most sofas easily fit, along with large items like King beds, Double door fridges and pianos.

What is a typical load?
This depends on what you are using it for - but here is an example: 
  • Queen Bed (slat bed)
  • 2 x bedsides
  • Tallboy
  • Sofa
  • Fridge
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Dining table (legs unscrewed) and 4 chairs
  • Coffee table
  • Bookcase
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Stereo
  • T.V. and stand
  • BBQ (not the gas bottle)
  • 4 cartons of clothes
  • 6 cartons kitchen (please check the Prohibited items list)
  • 5 book cartons
  • Golf Clubs

Try this online volume calculator

This is a simple sheet you can complete online to work out how many cubic meters (m3) you have. Remember - the inside usable volume of a Greenbox is 8.3 m3.

* Select 'Enable Editing' along the top and then click 'read only'

Inventory Lists

It is a great idea to create an inventory of what you are storing in your Greenbox to help you remember what you have safely secured away. This can also be submitted your insurance company to get an extension address on your policy. Our facility is approved by all the major insurance companies and they usually offer this extension free of charge. 

Please find below links to a printable and online version of the inventory list:

Printable version

Online Excel version