Auckland site, on the move

9 April 2021 by Jean Boyd

Business expansion drives relocation to new Silverdale office and warehouse space

Greenbox Recytech is moving forward, with a complete office and warehouse relocation planned for completion by the end of this month, August 2020. Greenbox Recytech range of IT asset services cover pre-deployment through to data security services and disposal.

Established in 2009 as ‘Recytech’, the IT asset lifecycle management firm has been based in Bush Road, Rosedale on Auckland’s North Shore for the past decade. The business was acquired by Australian IT company, Greenbox in September of 2019. According to Company CEO, Daniel Pritchard, the acquisition was a strategic play to expand in the New Zealand market due to the increasing demands from Greenbox’s global partners.

“Many global companies operate a combined Australia and New Zealand subsidiary and want access to the same services across both countries,” said Pritchard.

Greenbox Recytech has taken new residence in a 740m2 warehouse and office lease at Unit 13, 30 Foundry Road in Silverdale. Silverdale is one of the fastest growing industrial area’s in New Zealand. The precinct is well established and existing occupancies in this area range from contractors and manufacturers to distributors and trade suppliers.

The relocation will enable new efficiencies in stock storage, equipment processing and a safer working environment for staff says Pritchard.

“It’s a really exciting time for Greenbox, as we have been able to start with essentially what is a clean sheet of paper to really plan and maximize production area layout. Another bonus of the relocation is being able to take advantage of a more modern building and associated advances in safety standards” said Pritchard, “The premises full height concrete tilt-slab walls and high stud height, make for a very functional space.”  

The new premises are also more energy efficient than the previous location. With LED lighting and inverter heat pumps, the new premises will run more environmentally efficient. This is hardly a surprise for a company such as Greenbox, who self-proclaim themselves as ‘warriors on waste.’

The company boasts being able to assist customers to reduce their environmental footprint by utilising the commonly accepted waste hierarchy of reuse before recycling. Where an item is fit for reuse, they will  repurpose. For the small percentage of items that are not fit best practice recycling methodologies are used. By extending the life of an asset, so to is the net environmental impact. 

Greenbox’s four Australian facilities have been awarded the R2 certification, the premier global standard for electronics repair and recycling and aims to bring the New Zealand business up to the same standards by October 2021.The R2: 2013 standard is designed to ensure best practices in electronics recycling through the implementation of environmental, health and safety procedures that benefit employees, the community and the environment.