Greenbox is the asset management partner of choice for leading IT vendors and providers. We work with:

  • Systems integrators
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Global asset management companies

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Asset management partners for the IT industry

Asset management capabilities

New Zealand Partners choose Greenbox for our considerable capabilities. This includes our national reach and proven ability to manage the largest IT asset projects. Our end-to-end lifecycle services, covering pre-deployment, connected configuration, deployment, data security, and recycling/recovery.

And our ISO-compliant procedures, our specialist and security-cleared personnel, our five facilities across New Zealand and Australia, and our accreditations and certifications. All of this adds up to a partner you can count on.

A complete partner offering

IT partners rely on Greenbox to fulfill asset management requirements because:

  • We enhance your product offering across the full asset management lifecycle with our complete services.
  • We add credibility, with our asset management, logistics and technical personnel, and our sustainability certifications.
  • We improve competitiveness with the margins you can achieve on our asset recovery services.
  • We offer flexible partner relationships, including co-branding, white labelling and directly servicing your customers.
Partner case study: Deployment services for 2,500 healthcare assets
Working with a leading OEM partner, Greenbox provided a range of asset management services for a publicly-listed healthcare company. We took receipt of 2,500 IT hardware assets up to four months ahead of deployment, kept them in secure storage, managed the connected configuration, and then deployed the assets to 60 sites after-hours to minimise business disruption.

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