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See how Greenbox can help you with it asset management.

The Greenbox Difference

We’re proactive about IT asset management and we have a passionate and experienced Managed Services Team; working to help you plan, control and manage your projects and resources. At Greenbox our credentials meet defence standards, our capacity is trans-Tasman, and our performance is proven.

Managed Services Portfolio

Our asset management services covers on-site installation, deinstallation, auditing, warranty and non warranty repairs, pre-deployment, connected configuration, deployment, data centres and secure warehouse facilities guaranteeing your business data security from start to finish.

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Partners choose Greenbox for our considerable capabilities and ability to manage complex IT asset projects. Our Asset Managed Services cover:

Pre-deployment Services

Greenbox can provide everything from your warehousing and storage needs, through to fundamental or more complex technical pre-deployment configuration to fulfil your IT fleet requirements.

This is a great way to save on your on-site installation times and allows for a more time efficient end user experience. With facilities located throughout Australia and in New Zealand, we can also ship directly to user locations.

Greenbox has the capability to scale imaging infrastructure up and down as required. We configure new equipment to your business’s specifications in our state-of-the-art, highly secure warehouses, ensuring they’re pre-tested and business ready.


At Greenbox, we protect your data, your reputation and our planet – in a controlled and consistent way. Multiple quality ISO certifications attest to this, in safety, quality, and the environment.

We don’t just talk about data security and sustainability – we live it.  And they’re not just ticks for our head office – all four of our Australian based facilities are R2V3 certified. Our New Zealand facility is now R2V3 Certified.

Greenbox can provide:

• Dedicated Internet Access
• VPN connectivity back to base for Domain connectivity (SD-WAN like connectivity)
• Firewall / Router supply
• Dedicated Secure rack space in an access-controlled server room
• A separate secure imaging network

Alternative Imaging Methods:

• Supply a bootable WINPE ISO for imaging and we can deploy it (with or without a task sequence/MDT)
• BETA – Supply a bootable linux ISO and we can deploy it
• Let us know if you have an alternate method and we will help actualise it

Deployment Services

Direct or white label to suit your requirements, with flexibility and helpfulness to enhance your IT process. Greenbox has successfully completed hundreds of deployment projects across both Australia and New Zealand and is well equipped to seamlessly deploy your IT fleet equipment and enhance your own team. Over the last 12 month period, and in a COVID environment, we have deployed over 22,000 assets to our direct and partner customers.

From sophisticated fleet upgrades, to basic monitor installation programs, Greenbox capability is fully scalable to cover low and high-volume deployments across Australia and New Zealand. Our skilled ITAD & ITAM technicians are professionally project managed to let you get on with managing your own business with the least inconvenience to your staff, resulting in less impact on your productivity and best end user uptake.

Combining the pre-deployment service with our deployment provides you with an enhanced end user experience with full flexibility customised to your requirements.

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Warranty and Non Warranty Repairs

We facilitate equipment hot swap exchange services customized to suit client requirements. Greenbox arranges repair of the faulty machine providing end user with less down time.

Staff Augmentation

Greenbox can supply skilled ITAM & ITAD personnel to support your resourcing shortfalls or peak requirements. at any level. Greenbox have 100+ staff across Australia and New Zealand.

Secure Warehousing

Secure defence rated facilities conveniently located for forward and reverse logistics, storage, imaging, pre-deployment services.

Work with our data centre management specialists
Greenbox has experience in provision of Data Centre critical equipment installation, removal, and relocations. We understand the requirements of data centre logistics and work with you and your data centre management team to provide the best end result.

Why Choose Greenbox?

For over twenty years, we’ve refined our IT hardware asset services, providing businesses with the highest levels of security. We continue to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring our processes are transparent, on budget and on time – all with minimal disruptions to your business.

Secure Server Rooms

By adding your system management software to our secure facilities, you maintain real-time control via VPN, allowing you to complete configuration tasks.

White Glove

This invaluable cloud service enables us to pre-install all of your applications easily and securely ahead of time – without any of your IT staff needing to physically handle any devices.

The Greenbox Managed Services Team

The Greenbox Managed Services Team have a diverse range of skills, yet are united by a shared passion for what they do. With 100+ employees across Australia and New Zealand, our company is well placed to meet your businesses needs.

Greenbox can supply skilled IT personnel to support your resourcing shortfalls or peak requirements to get you through those times where you have a project obligation, do not quite have either the number of personnel or skill set required to get the job done right. Our team s trusted by Australia’s biggest enterprise businesses including: government; defence; banking, finance and leasing; education; and IT.

  • Project Managers

    Our experienced team of Project Managers provide our customers with a single point of contact, with accountability and quality management all the way through the project. We are flexible and work with our customers to design solutions to meet their specific needs. The team is well experienced with ICT Deployment and managing the end to end lifecycle – we’ll take care of everything including scheduling, staffing and logistics; on time, and on budget.

  • Level 1 Technicians

    Our Level 1 Technicians are able to follow written and verbal instructions and familiar with most technology products. The team can lift, box/un-box, move, dispose of equipment, packing material and other related items.

  • Level 2 Technicians

    Our experienced Client Deployment Technicians are knowledgeable in client operating system environments. Level 2 Technicians are able to comprehend and follow verbal and written technical instructions and scripts as well as providing desk side support in the isolation of problems.

  • Level 3 Technicians

    3+ years verified employment experience in supporting client systems, servicing, and deploying computer equipment. Prior experience utilising data and settings migration, imaging, application installation, and technologies. Proven customer service background. Able to comprehend and follow verbal and written instructions and scripts. Qualified resources should have A+ certification or equivalent skill set. Certification in various hardware platforms may optionally be required for servicing hardware issues.