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We’re across the entire IT asset lifecycle. This means we can assist in the implementation of new tech for businesses (IT deployment) and take care of the old assets no longer needed (asset recovery). Both are daunting tasks for most businesses, and achieving them securely and with full compliance takes real expertise.

That’s where we step in.

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Every stage of the process is taken care of by our project management experts. They are capable of keeping even the most complex tasks on schedule, safeguarding your business’s productivity.


We configure new equipment to your business’s specifications in our state-of-the-art, highly secure warehouses, ensuring they’re pre-tested and business ready.


This invaluable cloud based service enables you to pre-install all of your applications easily and securely ahead of time – without any of your IT staff needing to physically handle any devices.


By adding your system management software to our secure facilities, you maintain real-time control via our VPN, allowing you to complete configuration tasks.


Our fleet of vehicles are ready to deliver your assets whenever it suits your business – even if that means after hours or on weekends. We then install everything – without leaving a trace of packaging.

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We sort out the logistics of transporting your hardware from your business to our nearest processing centre. With tracking, secure vehicles and background-checked staff, every step is as secure as possible.


Whether wiping, degaussing or shredding hard drives, we leave no trace of your data, employing first-rate destructive tools that wipe everything to military-grade security standards. With much of the workforce still working from home, we also offer remote wiping services.


We don’t believe in landfill. Our 4 Australian Greenbox sites comply with R2 global standards, and the New Zealand R2 accreditation is just around the corner, estimated for October 2021. With Greenbox your sanitised e-waste produces no emissions – instead, it’s repurposed securely and put to good use.


Not only do we help you deliver on your corporate social responsibility, but will also receive a financial return on items we are able to remarket. Through our network of global alliances, we repurpose your sanitised equipment to secure you the best possible financial return.


Case studies

A+ in efficiency

We wiped 400 assets of sensitive data for Queensland University of Technology and repurposed them across two campuses.

A race against time

In less than 24 hours, we installed and configured 175 workstations at Blackmore’s new campus – while adapting to some trying environmental factors.

Time to spare

We worked with the Cairns Regional Council to replaced 270 computers across various locations – and finished ahead of schedule.

Emergency response

We partnered with Core Technology to deploy and prepare laptops within 24 hours for an emergency COVID-19 call centre.

Payback time

We processed and sold 300 monitors that Core Technology had rented out for an emergency COVID-19 call centre, arranging a competitive buyback through our network.

Operation recycle

Because of our high security standards, we’ve partnered with the Department of Defence to sanitise and recycle over 110,000 devices over a 15-month period.