Retired IT Equipment at Data Centres

13 August 2023 by kamalp

Is your data centre’s IT equipment starting to show signs of aging? Here are some things you should know to decide if your retired IT equipment should be maintained or disposed of.

Data centre assets have a lifespan, just like any other IT devices, and they need to be retired once they reach the end of their lifecycle. This is to ensure that application and operational workflows continue running smoothly and efficiently. In some cases, retiring hardware means decommissioning it and disposing it of. But in most cases, it simply means making space for newer equipment that’s more reliable and technologically advanced.

Failing to maintain and replace equipment in a timely and efficient manner can be costly. Its not just in terms of money, but also in terms of an organization’s reputation. Future business opportunities may be jeopardized if potential customers perceive that an organization is not keeping up with the latest technology. On the other hand, retiring IT equipment can lead to data security and also if not disposed of properly after their lifecycle it harms the environment by releasing carbon emissions.

Know the difference – IT Asset Retirement and IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset retirement at data centres refers to the process of removing it from the service. This is one of the final stages of asset management lifecycle in which the IT equipment is securely decommissioned or deactivated when it can no longer serve the purpose.

IT Asset Disposition means the IT equipment is securely destroyed, recycled or repurposed after a secure data wiping to avoid e-waste and data leaks. For example, lets take a server sitting in the rack for long time with data wiped and disconnected from the network. This is when the equipment is disposed of.

Advantages of IT Asset Retirement or Asset Decommissioning

Organizations that wait too long to retire their assets are putting their applications, data and overall operations at risk. By not retiring assets in a timely manner, organizations are exposing themselves to potential security risks and performance issues. Additionally, outdated assets can result in increased costs for maintenance and support. Organizations should have a retirement plan in place to ensure that assets are retired in a timely and efficient manner.

The right time to retire data centre assets can save you money, as newer equipment is more reliable and efficient. IT teams don’t have to spend as much time maintaining the assets, and newer hardware uses resources more efficiently, reducing power and cooling needs while shrinking your data centre footprint.

How do you know when the IT Equipment is retiring?

The decision to retire an IT asset depends on several factors. It includes the type of asset, its current level of performance and the conditions under which it is used. In some cases, it may be possible to keep an asset in service for a longer period of time by making changes to how it is used or maintained.

  • The most important and evident signs is when the IT devices or the components inside it start to fail. The devices can still be used by replacing the components. It is evident that is it near to the retirement age.
  • Many data centres have lots of IT devices lying around in the racks which are powered. They just eat up the electricity and are prone to data risks. You can get rid of these assets.
  • Another sign of retirement is when the devices don’t meet the business requirements. Often IT devices start to underperform once they are about to reach their end of lifecycle. This can lead to the devices not meeting the compliance requirements.

Evaluating whether data centre hardware is ready for retirement can be tricky. IT teams must consider each asset on an individual basis, while also tracking metrics like uptime and processing speeds. Additionally, servers should be evaluated for their ability to meet current software and workload requirements. It is recommended that servers and networks are to be replaced within three to five years.

How Greenbox can help with your retired IT equipment

Greenbox is an IT Asset Disposal company that disposes of your old IT equipment at end of their lifecycle. If your data centre has retired IT equipment reaching end of its lifecycle Greenbox can help get rid of that IT equipment by disposing them or decommissioning them. We offer secure data wiping with certificates and secured financial return for your old IT assets.

With Greenbox there is 0 landfill. Our industry certifications and best practises bring a higher standard to the management of your organisation’s hardware and data lying in it.