Things You Need to Know About Data Erasure

24 September 2023 by kamalp

There is a growing need for Data Erasure Software and how data erasure today has become important for staying compliant with data privacy laws. Data Breach has become a serious issue around the world. Surely, you must’ve heard about the recent data breach at a major enterprise in Australia losing 10 million customer data. With growing data, the risk of data theft and vulnerability is also on the rise. It is reported that more than 60 records are lost or stolen in every second.

Data security is of the utmost importance for any organization handling data and should not be overlooked at any stage. Without proper data security, the repercussions can be severe, both in terms of legal and financial costs and damage to brand image. In order to avoid such a data breach, you need to be sure that your storage devices can’t be potential points of data leaks during their entire life cycle, whether it be when they change hands or reach the end of their usable lifespan. A lot of times, accidental data leaks occur because the user thought they had “deleted” all sensitive information. Data can still be recovered through technical and forensic methods.

What is Data Erasure?

Data erasure is a software-based method of permanently and irretrievably deleting sensitive or confidential data from a device while still allowing the device to be reused. Other data sanitization methods often require the destruction of the device, making data erasure a much eco-friendlier option.

Data erasure is the most secure data sanitization technique. It can not only safeguard data from theft, but also help businesses stay compliant with data privacy norms.

Organisations need to consider Data Erasure Software

Organizations need to erase data to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of business data, prevent data leaks, and comply with regulatory standards. Traditional data deletion methods like deleting files and formatting devices are unsecure. That is because they leave data recoverable by DIY software and forensic methods. A software-based data erasure solution is advisable and is needed for –

  • Secure Data Destruction – It is the best method to securely wipe data from your device. That is because no technical or forensic method can be used to recover the data post erasure. This means that even if someone were to try and access your wiped data, they would not be able to do so.
  • Preventing Data Leakage – Although device destruction might seem like a straightforward process, it can sometimes lead to unauthorized data access or spillage. To avoid these risks, always use a data erasure solution.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Data security is a legal matter and staying compliant is essential to keeping your business running. Data erasure software offers tamper-proof audit trails. It is for guaranteed data destruction, helping you stay compliant with global data protection and privacy laws.
  • Preventing Data Breach Penalties – The use of data erasure software can help you prevent data breach penalties with data leaks. It helps your brand reputable.
  • Environment Sustainability – Data erasure is an eco-friendly solution that allows for the reuse of old devices and reduces e-waste. As such, data erasure is a good step towards responsible recycling and reuse.

Data Erasure Methods

  1. Overwriting – Data erasure software is used to overwrite obsolete or discarded data with non-sensitive data (0’s and 1’s).
  2. Block Erase – A data erasure tool, like Blancco, can be used to target logical block addresses on a storage device – even those that aren’t mapped to active addresses. This way, you can be sure that all data will be wiped from the device.
  3. Cryptographic Erase – This data erasure technique is used for devices that have data encryption built into them, like Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs). A successful data erasure platform can destroy the key needed to decode the data on SEDs, making the data unrecoverable.

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